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Nido's Friendly Inn



Enjoy a countryside atmosphere, the serenity and coolness of a place, and a home away from home!

NIDO’S FRIENDLY INN is a budget accommodation in El Nido, Palawan, aiming to provide you clean and comfortable facilities for best value of your money. We are just a short stroll to the beach with its magnificent sparkling water, restaurants and all that El Nido could offer.

In early morning and late afternoon, it is lovely to relax in the terrace, enjoying the view and beauty of the green forest or while enjoying our free Wi-Fi. Few trees like Narra may be found along the landscaped front of the fence which adds to the coolness of the place as branches sway and leaves flutter with the wind.

Towards the back of the inn, high limestone cliffs of the town could be viewed. These cliffs do not only provide a spectacular view and cliff climbing experience to tourists but they secure the town from strong winds and typhoons. Caves and crevices could also be found in these cliffs which serve as home to swiftlets (collocalia fuciphaga) and their nests (edible birds’ nests or nido in Spanish, which are main ingredient to nido soup) from which the town takes its name.

YOUR SECURITY IS OUR CONCERN. The inn is well fenced to prevent any intruders to get inside and parking space is available for your vehicle.